Power Up Lubricants & Oil Additives

IFG Instruments, Inc. is a full-service distributor of the Power Up lineup of lubricants and oil additives. Power Up products have been engineered to reduce energy consumption and provide uninterrupted equipment operation through better lubrication. We work with our customers in the automotive industry to provide higher efficiency and better performance through the use of our products.

The Power Up product line consists of: NNL-690, which is a boundary lubricant for engines, NNL-690G, a boundary lubricant for gear oil, Hydra Maxx, a hydraulic system treatment, Gen 49D, a diesel fuel top end lubricant that is also a combustion enhancer and injector cleaner that increases mileage efficiency, LHP-454, an unleaded fuel additive that can add as much as 15% in fuel economy, Thixogrease, a high pressure, high temperature grease, and RCL1000, Penetrating Fluid 2000 and TL3000, which are all spray lubricant products.

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Lubricant and Oil Highlights

NNL 690
Technical Information
Power Up NNL 690 is a unique boundary lubricant which is specifically formulated to solve many of today’s tribological problems in high pressure boundary conditions where metal to metal contact is inevitable.
Car and Truck Engines
Quality Certifications
ISO 9001:2001