High Precision Swiss Screw Machining / CNC Machining & Grinding Services

For specialized, high precision parts where tight tolerances are important, IFG Instruments provides CNC Swiss screw machining services as well as standard CNC machining and grinding. Swiss screw machining is ideal for smaller scale parts where several machining operations may be required, and we are equipped to work with parts with diameters from 0.20 mm to 16 mm (0.008” to 0.640”), up to 180 mm (7.0”) long. For our standard (non-Swiss) CNC grinding and machining operations, we can handle parts from 0.20 mm to 30mm (0.008” to 1.20”) in diameter and a 180 mm (7.0”) length.Our Swiss screw machines feature a collet and guide bushing system that keeps parts vibration-free as they are being worked, allowing us to achieve a fine level of detail in our operations. Our machining methods also allow us work with conventional as well as a wide range of exotic metals, including Nivapoint. Swiss and conventionally machined products are used in instruments and apparatus such as water pivots, pinion applications, and helical or spur gears with fine pitches.

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Corepoint Pivots Information & Specifications (PDF 523KB)


Precision Screw Machining Highlights


Water Pivots
Pinion Applications
Helical or spur gears with fine pitches


All Ferrous
Aluminum Alloys
300 and 400 Series Stainless Steel

Exotic Materials

Other Exotics



Sizes for CNC Machining and Grinding

ø 0.20 to 30.00 mm (.008 to 1.200″) Length to 180 mm (7.00″)

Sizes for Swiss + Quality Screw Machine Parts for Instruments & Apparatus

ø 0.20 to 16.00 mm (.008 to .640″) Length to 180 mm (7.00″)

Quality Certifications

Modern equipment and methods enable us to become your Certified Supplier, saving time and money. ISO 9001:2000 certified


Your parts can be de-burred internally as well as externally; by our internal Tumbling glass/sand bead system.

CNC Length

up to 100 mm

Swiss Screw Machine Diameter

1 mm to 10 mm

Swiss Screw Machine Length

up to 70 mm

Carepoint Products


0.1 mm to 1.6 mm


1.2 mm to 70 mm


Co, Ni, Cr, Fe, W, Mo as main elements
with Ti, Mn, Be, Si and C as admixtures (additions)

Modules of Elasticity

215 000 – 230 000 N/mm2 30,5×106-32,7×106PSI

Modules of Shear

80 000 N/mm2 11,4 x 106 PSI

Elastic Limit

1 800 – 2 200 N/mm2 255 000 – 312 000 PSI

Tensile Strength

2 000 – 2 500 N/mm2 326 000 – 355 000 PSI

Hardness Max.

770 – 820 Vickers

Specific Gravity

8.2 g/cm3

Specific Resistance

1.0 x 10-4 Ω cm

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

0.23 x 10-3 per °C

Linear Expansion

13 x 10-6 per °C

Magnetic Permeability


Corepoint strengths – almost constant in the temperature range

-58 °F to 842 °F
(-50 °C to 450 °C)

Welding & Brazing

Use Castolin 197 with binder 159 A for brazing. For an absolutely corrosinresistant brazed joint precious metal brazing solders with melting points around 1100 °C will give best results.


Corepoint – parts are being manufactured up to a maximum diameter of 1.5 mm (.059″).