CapabilitiesMechanical Time Switch
Fabrication for Industrial
& Commercial Use
High Precision Swiss
Screw Machining/CNC
Machining & Grinding
Hairspring FabricationBourdon Tubes,
Pressure Gauges
(Diaphrams, Bellows)
Deep Drawn Part
Power Up Lubricants
& Oil Additives
Faucigny Instruments
CoupatanWe are the
North American
Distributor for
Factories we represent have a variety of ISO and other certifications

IFG Instruments, Inc. is a distributor ofCustom Mechanical Time Switches, Precision Swiss Screw Machine Parts, Hairsprings, and other Components for the Gauge Industry

Since 1971, we have been an import distributor of things technical, mechanical and electromechanical.
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